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GoVegan.Life (GVL) is an open source, cross platform, Genesis Network developed to accelerate Earth’s transition towards plant based diets and animal free products by applying innovative advocacy strategies with emerging open source technology and integrating advanced network and library science theories together with the critical human element.

GVL is an all inclusive apolitical collaborative Vegan Network and Animal Rights union designed and operated by volunteers to support autonomous advocacy efforts under a common cause, while providing access to Veganism like never before. The Genesis Network advocacy system strategy creates direct information competition with animal based product markets, and a means to combat exploitation collectively. 

GVL Vision: to lead Vegan Advocacy by designing an intelligent centralized base of operations managed by volunteers who provide a crucial educational service to the planet under the auspices of humanity’s true evolutionary ideal.

GVL Ethos: “The pinnacle of our existence is not the ability to manufacture life, but rather universally embracing our nature to preserve it.”

GVL Primary Purpose: is to help others practice Veganism. GoVegan.Life is a fundamentally value driven non gmo. The Vegan Network does not register or report as a non profit and does not solicit or accept donations of any kind. With absolute freedom from profit or economic influence the stand alone platform can operate with an integrity and equality towards fellow advocates never before seen on the Vegan advocacy landscape. This innovative leadership vision will revolutionize Vegan advocacy and will rapidly position the movement to the forefront of diet information audiences in direct competition with animal based product markets.

GoVegan.Life may obtain, display or distribute, a variety of material from public and/or private entities for a variety of research, scientific and/or educational purposes, among other uses, which may or may not have been specifically authorized in advance. GoVegan.Life will exercise its right of freedom to function, incubate, and scale under the same assertions and protections held by larger organizations reminiscent of GVL’s purpose and potential such as, content oriented profit models, Social Media Companies, Non Profit Organizations, Search Engines, “Pay For” Directories, Educational Institutions, Government Institutions, Public Domain Licensers, Open Source Software Associations, or anybody else with a leg up. GVL’s overall societal benefit and nonprofit ambitions, among other elements, including, but not strictly limited to context, educational framework, transformative use, scientific and research purposes, nature, and intent provides certain protection from copyright infringement claims. That being said, we will at all times respect and honor formal international laws and traditions. Furthermore, in any case, material displayed, of public or private nature, or reference, will be immediately removed from GoVegan.Life for any reason, upon request in a reasonable time frame.

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